Am delighted to welcome you to the Mount Kenya website.

When I took over the leadership of the union on 26th October 2011 filled with hope, determination and the drive to succeed in all ways, the mandate was clear: Change the union from a loss making entity to profitability and lay the foundation for take-off.

To date, this remains one of the most challenging assignments that I have ever undertaken. My sincere gratitude goes to those who started the union and have stood by us through the happy moments and the turbulent times.

Meru Dairy Co-operative Union Limited was established in 1967 by a group of progressive and forward thinking farmers with the sole aim of marketing their milk in Meru and other parts of the country, thereby getting the best returns to the farmers. Our products which range from fresh milk, yoghurt, butter and ghee are sold in all counties in Kenya. Our milk is ranked first for it’s unrivaled quality